Marc Roopchand
Marc Roopchand
Work Experience
Sep - Dec 2013
Software Engineering Intern
GREE International, San Francisco, CA
  • Worked on both the client and server of War of Nations
  • Added new features and performed various bug fixes on the iOS client
  • Implemented gameplay logic on the PHP server
  • Optimized sections of the server core for efficiency
  • Refactored the implementation of buildings in the game for efficiency
  • Tools/Frameworks Used: PHP, Objective C, Xcode
Jan - Apr 2013
Software Engineering Intern
Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA
  • Worked on both the iOS and Android version of Heroes of Dragon Age
  • Created a number of scenes in the game based on mock-ups from artists
  • Worked closely with Artists and Server Engineers to refine gameplay
  • Implemented gameplay logic using C#
  • Tools/Frameworks Used: Unity, C#
May - Aug 2012
Software Engineering Intern, Redwood City, CA
  • Implemented the UI for the Administration Dashboards of the Enterprise product
  • Customers used this to manage hundreds of their Locations and Users
  • Integrated sharing content to the business Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • Developed a Scheduling service for automatic sharing
  • Tools/Frameworks Used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Facebook SDK, Twitter API
Fourth Year Design Project
Jan 2013 - Apr 2014
Semantic Biz Crawler
University of Waterloo (Team of 4)
  • Working in collaboration with Yelp to create a generic website parser
  • This returned structured, meaningful information about any business.
  • Implemented a Naive Bayes Classifier using the NLTK library.
  • Classifier extracted relevant business data such as hours of operation, location
  • Tools/Frameworks used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Flask
Sep 2009 - Jun 2014
University of Waterloo
Bachelor of Software Engineering Honours
  • Skeduler: Developed an Android application for course scheduling
  • Mad Birds: Created a replica of Angry Birds using C++ and Xlib
  • Straights: Built a GUI for the card game straights using C++, GTK
  • Operating Systems: Incrementally developed an operating system on Keil MCB1700
  • Lego Robot: Developed software in NQC to guide a Lego robot through a maze